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Vine Health and the University of Surrey awarded a £1m grant to trial a support app for patients undergoing cancer treatment.


Bladder cancer 'attacked and killed by common cold virus'


Prostate cancer urine test shows who needs treatment and when


Surrey Cancer Immunotherapy meeting well received

On Monday 26th November The Harbour Hotel in Guildford was host to a successful public engagement event, ‘Immunotherapy – empowering the immune system to fight cancer’,  run by The University of Surrey, Surrey Cancer Research Institute (SCRI) and The Topic of Cancer charity. The aim of the evening was to inform and educate the public about immunotherapy, the latest revolutionary treatment for cancer. A wide range of speakers, including oncology consultants from The Royal Surrey County Hospital specialising in melanoma, lung and kidney cancer, as well as patients spoke to an audience of over 100 people about how immunotherapy is now in routine use for the treatment of several cancers. Professor Hardev Pandha, head of The Targeted Cancer Therapy research group at The University of Surrey and founder of SCRI organised the event “Immunotherapy is now a credible alternative to conventional cancer treatments with the potential to cure patients. However, much more research is needed to make immunotherapy even more effective in a wider range of cancers and reduce the number of side effects which can result from treatment. Topic of Cancer has been instrumental in raising funds for my group to carry out this essential work and to raise the profile of immunotherapy in the community’

For more information and to support this research, visit www.topicofcancer.org.uk


Speakers at the event from left to right: Dr Madeleine Hewish a consultant in lung cancer at The Royal Surrey County Hospital, Kim Ronaldson a trustee of Topic of Cancer Charity, Professor Hardev Pandha from the University of Surrey, Chris Caswell a patient representative, Dr Nicola Annels a Senior Research Fellow at The University of Surrey and Dr Agnieszka Michael a consultant in kidney cancer at The Royal Surrey County Hospital. Also presenting but not shown Dr Tim Crook a consultant in melanoma at The Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Successful trial shows tablet lowers risk of disease returning for kidney cancer patients


New trial launched to test cancer vaccine

Reproduced with kind permission from King's College London

A new vaccine aimed at enabling the immune system to fight against advanced cancer is being trialled in London and Guildford.

Scientists are testing the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine which works by resembling the natural immune responses generated by the body against bacterial and viral infections.

All patients with any solid tumour, irrespective of their type of cancer and tumour genetic profile, are believed to have the potential to benefit from this sort of treatment.

The (VAPER) trial is taking place at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Guy’s and St Thomas' Clinical Research Facility and the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and King's College London (BRC). Other centres at the Surrey Cancer Research Institute (SCRI) at the University of Surrey and the Royal Surrey County Hospital are hoping to commence patient recruitment later this year.

The first two patients have already been vaccinated in a trial that is anticipated to run for 18-24 months with recruitment of patients currently ongoing.

The aim of the trial is to establish the benefits of the vaccination programme, any side effects associated with it and the impact of this treatment on patients’ quality of life. Scientists hope the results will take them one step closer to developing an effective but nontoxic cancer therapy that can be used in clinical practice.

The clinical teams are being led by Dr James Spicer, Principal Investigator at King's College London, Guy's Hospital, London SE1 9RT.

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