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Radiation Oncology

The field of Radiation Oncology encompasses the many aspects of cancer treatment using radiation such as molecular and cellular radiation biology, radiation physics, radiation technology and clinical oncology.

Department of Medical Physics

The Department of Medical Physics at the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust covers six main areas of work Radiotherapy Physics, Nuclear Medicine Physics & Radiopharmacy, Regional Radiation Protection Service & Radiological Physics, Technical Services, Scientific Computing and the National Coordinating Centre for the Physics of Mammography. The head of the department is Professor Andrew Nisbet.

The Department is closely linked with the Physics Department of Surrey University and also the National Physical Laboratory and initiates programmes of research in all of the above areas.

The development of a novel detector for the measurement of radiobiological effect of ion beams: Is funded by a £250k three year grant NIHR invention for innovation (i4i) grant which started on 1st April 2013. This followed an initial feasibility grant of £100k in 2012 again from the NIHR i4i programme. This is developing a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) as the basis for a micro-calorimeter cable of measuring energy deposition from a single ion down to the size of a cell or cell nucleus.

Clinical Fellows

  • Dr Joanna Lynch: Evaluation of 18FDG PET/CT for adaptive and dose escalated radiotherapy in oropharyngeal squamous cell cancer

PhD Students

  • Alexis Dimitriadis: The development of a novel multi-centre dosimetric audit methodology to assess geometric and dosimetric accuracy in cranial stereotactic radiosurgery (EPSRC DTC funded)
  • Bo Li: Application of nanoSQUIDs towards nanodosimetry. (EPSRC CASE funded with NPL)
  • Jill Merrett: Metrology for Quantitative Nuclear Imaging and Molecular Radiotherapy (EPSRC CASE funded with NPL)
  • Kamran Fathi: Performance optimisation and energy correction of a novel micro-calorimeter for use in particle therapy (EPSRC DTC funded)
  • Matthew Bolt: Quantifying the impact of dosimetry quality assurance on clinical outcomes of radiotherapy (QUASAR) (NPL funded impact study)
  • Sheaka Alboaidli: Functional Imaging and Texture Analysis in Radiotherapy Dose Painting.

PhDs/MDs awarded in recent years

  • 2015 Mohammad Hussein PhD: Evaluation of Detector array Technology for the Verification of Advanced Intensity Modulated radiotherapy.
  • 2015 Shakradokht Jafari PhD: Characterisation and novel applications of glass beads as dosimeters in radiotherapy.
  • 2015: Antony Palmer PhD: Physics aspects of safety assurance in high dose rate brachytherapy: quality control testing and implementation of dosimetry audit.
  • 2015 Olivia Chan MD: Image Guided Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy in Prostate Cancer.
  • 2014 Alistair Mackenzie PhD: The effect of image quality on cancer detection in mammography.
  • 2014 May Teoh MD: Evaluation of RapidArc (Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy) and the impact of set up error in the treatment of head and neck cancer.
  • 2014 Salma Al Ahbabi PhD: Achievable accuracy and reproducibility in radiotherapy.
  • 2013 Fatma Issa PhD: Doped optical fibre thermoluminescence dosimetry for brachytherapy.
  • 2013 Lucy Warren PhD: Simulation of calcification clusters in observer performance studies for optimisation of digital mammography.
  • 2013 Mary Lei MD: Image Guided Intensity Modulated radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer.
  • 2013 Miriam Barry PhD: Using fluorescence microscopy to determine how cell cycle phase affects different cellular end-points after irradiation in the low dose region.
  • 2013 Mukhtar Alshanqity PhD: A dosimetry framework for amorphous silicon based flat panel electronic portal imaging devices.
  • 2012 Fouad Abolaban PhD: On Board Cone Beam CT for treatment planning in image guided radiotherapy.
  • 2012 Noramaliza Noor PhD: The use of Ge-doped optical fibres in external beam radiotherapy dosimetry.
  • 2012 Sebastian Galer PhD: Development of a microbolometer for microdosimetry of ionising radiation.